Friday, February 1, 2013

Where is civility

If you have seen some of my earlier posts or any of my comments on other blogs, you will see a recurring idea I keep making is that the political and ideological world is no longer has the civility it used to, so I will back it up with this post.

To start with, I will give a couple of examples of older civility. The first example I have is Ronald Reagan with the Democrat speaker of the house Tip O'Neil.

Tip O'Neil fought Reagan tooth and nail in the talks through balancing the budget, but then they could have a good laugh together afterward.

Even in the 90s, Bill Clinton could work with the Republicans, like John Kasich, as long as Newt Gingrich wasn't involved.

But today in America, there is no civility. I mean, can you honestly see Paul Ryan and Barack Obama working together getting anything done? The only way to survive this time of division is if we become more civil with each other, so please comment on your thoughts, especially if you are a different ideology than me and see if we can begin to become more civil when we disagree.

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  1. Not that times couldn't be contentious in the past. After all, no politicians have shot each other in duels recently. Nor do they take clubs and weapons to the senate floor to resolve disputes. Nonetheless, the rancor reflects a definite shift in the attitudes different sides have, the feeling of absolute moral superiority, and the idea that America only belong to my kind, not yours.