Friday, January 25, 2013

Tim Tebow-Terrible?

I have read many articles recently talking about Tim Tebow, calling him 'Controversial' and 'Terrible'. I ask you one question. Why?

First of all, why would anyone call Tim Tebow a terrible quarterback? He is one of the best quarterbacks in College Football history by most accounts. Most people for some reason seem to question Tim Tebow being able to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but why? When he started at Denver in 2011, he took a team that was 1-4 and turned them into an 8-8 team, leading them to a miraculous win against the Steelers in a wild card playoff game. Is this a quarterback who is actually terrible. All that matters is that a team wins, and Tim Tebow could win games. He may not be the most consistent quarterback in the NFL, but that is because he hasn't been given a single chance. In the season before 2011, there was the NFL lockout, and he barely got to practice in the preseason. He has never been yet in the preseason practiced as a starting quarterback. If he could 7 games in a season where he barely practiced and wasn't prepared to be a starting quarterback, isn't it possible if someone would give him a chance that he could be one of the greats?
His style of play is strange, and it needs a different type of offense. His style of play reflects that of Robert Griffin III of the Redskins and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, and look at the success they have had. It is the way the sport of Football is going. Would someone tell me why they wouldn't accept Tim Tebow's style of play and give him a chance as starter?


  1. Do you really think all of this is because of his playing skills? Please.

    1. Isn't the whole argument against Tim Tebow being a starting quarterback that he doesn't have playing skills?